Freeware Keylogger

Freeware keylogger software downloads key logger free trial keyboard tracking internet protection tool to monitors external user PC activities

• Records voice chat conversation

• Records passwords

• Captures screenshot

• Application tracker

• Records keystrokes

• Records visited website URL

• Works in stealth mode

• Log mail facility

Keylogger Software

Keylogger Software

Freeware Keylogger Software is the excellent stealth monitoring tool to watch what your kids, family members, spouse, friends or external users are doing on your PC in your absence. Utility easily captures and records all keystrokes activities such as chat conversation, emails, documents, usernames and passwords etc in a log file with the option to mail log details at specified email id. Invisible keylogger application runs in hidden mode and user can never know software installation in system. More

Advance Keylogger Software

Advance Keylogger Software

Advance Keylogger Software is a top-rated and easy-to-use visual surveillance tool that is fully capable to record all keystrokes, passwords, voice chat recordings, clipboard activities, internet usage etc done on your PC in your absence. Utility secretly captures Windows screenshots periodically and sends log of all activities at predefined email address via mail or through FTP settings. Download Freeware KeyLogger demo version to test software functioning before purchasing the licensed software version. More

Mac Log Manager – Keylogger for mac os x

Mac Log Manager – Keylogger for mac os x

Perfectly designed and simple to use Keylogger software records various activities performed on Apple Mac machines in simplest manner. Excellent featured mac monitoring software records complete Keystroke details, Clipboard contents, USB device connection and removal activities with option to capture screenshots at regular time intervals. Download and evaluate mac keylogger with free trial demo to evaluate features and working capabilities. More

Software Highlight

Keylogger software provides complete solution to monitor overall activities performed on your computer. Using keyloggers software you can easily record every keystrokes, typed password, email, voice chat conversation, clipboard contents and other activities performed on your PC.

Key logger software works invisibly and captures screenshots periodically so that you can easily find out what is going on your PC behind your back. Key logging software easily generates encrypted log files that can be sent at specified email address. You can download trial version free keylogger software to know more feature of program.

Features Keylogger Advance Keylogger
Keystroke Recording
E-mail Log File
Capture Screenshot ×
Runs Invisibly
Password Tracker
Clipboard Recorder ×
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