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Advance keylogger software

Advance keylogger software

Advance keylogger software

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Advance KeyLogger Software with advance functionality captures entire PC activities and logs all information so that you can later get detailed activities performed with the computer system. Software facilitates to secretly receive logs of user's activity to your e-mail automatically or upload using FTP server settings.

Powerful Activity Recording Software:

  • Traces each keystroke activity in hidden mode.
  • Facilitate to set hot keys or run command to access the application if it runs in hidden mode.
  • Records all voice chat conversations and system sounds.
  • Records clipboard contents.
  • Records all sent mails.
  • Reveals all typed username and passwords.
  • Records system startup time along with the date.
  • Notifies any modification done in time setting.
  • Facilitates to generate report of recorded data in .txt or .html format.
  • Facilitates you to run software in standard or hidden mode.
  • Facilitate to keep backup of every log after completing the specified log size.
  • Provides option to view captured Windows screenshots with the slide show facility.
  • Maintains all detailed information in log file with date and time.
  • Sends log file to PC owner specified mail id or upload log details using FTP server settings.

Useful to answer Questions like:

  • Which sites do your kids surf?
  • Do your children take secret chat with strangers?
  • Do employees waste their time in office in your absence?
  • Do they sell company’s secret?
  • Which logins were tried last time by users?
  • What students are doing on their computer in school lab?
  • How to track web browsing activities?
  • Which keys were pressed by external users on your keyboard?
  • How to secretly monitor keyboard activities?
  • Are they involved in data theft or and stealing confidential information?

Visual Surveillance Tool:

  • Runs in stealth mode as a background system process.
  • Captures Windows Screenshots of PC regularly at specific time interval.
  • Except system owner, no one may be aware about its existence in system.
  • Does not appear in Add/Remove component, Startup program or Installation path folder.
  • Cannot be seen or even detected by antivirus software.
  • Bypasses all major spyware tools or anti-keylogger programs.
  • Totally invisible in Windows environment.

Automatic Log file delivery:

  • Records all users activities secretly in a log file.
  • Captures Windows or web snapshot to create a complete picture of all activities on all your PCs.
  • Maintains up-to-date information of all users’ computer activities.
  • Informs PC owner about users computer activities performed in his absence.
  • Sends log file details of all activities automatically at predefined mail address.

Advance KeyLogger Software Application:

  • Employee productivity monitoring: Allows Managers to track their employee’s office performance.
  • Parental Control: Lets parent monitor their child’s online habits.
  • Visual Surveillance: Provided for anyone who wants to know how his computer is used in his absence.
  • Keyboard tracking: Allows you to trace all keyboard key activities performed on your computer while you are away.
  • Internet usage: Allows you to track internet browsing activities and net surfing activities of your spouse, kids, friends or any external users’ performed on your PC in your absence.
  • Network Administration: Notifies system owner about various activities performed on the system and thus prevents sensitive data from leaking out of the organization.

Highly Interactive and Smart Application:

  • Provides user friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Technical assistance (Help Manual).
  • Step by step user guidelines.
  • Easy to install and operate.
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