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Keylogger software

Keylogger software

Keylogger software

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Keylogger Software is a simple yet powerful utility that allows you to detect what is going on your PC online/offline in your absence. Useful for PC owner to track and record external user’s computer activities by maintaining log file with all recorded details.

Perfect Monitoring Tool:

  • Captures all keystrokes of user performed on your PC in your absence.
  • Maintain details of all keyboard activities along with date and time facility whether at home or in the office.
  • Records major MSN, Yahoo, QQ, AIM, ICQ, POPO Messengers’ chat conversations and instant messengers.
  • Notify all web-browsing activities.
  • Records all typed URLs and visited websites.
  • Capable to run in standard or hidden mode.
  • Facilitate to generate report of recorded data in .txt or .html file format.
  • Allows you to read the activities log report at anytime even if you are not around your PC.
  • Facilitate to set hot keys or run command to access the application if it runs in hidden mode.

Captures and records detailed information including:

  • All Keyboard characters, alphanumeric or numeric keys,
  • All typed URLs,
  • Accessed Websites,
  • User name and time worked on computer,
  • Typed passwords,
  • Chat conversation,
  • Sent e-mails,
  • Internet surfing history,
  • All internet usage and more computer activities.
  • Captures every input keystrokes with option to view only printing keystrokes.

Invisible Utility:

  • Runs completely in hidden mode as system background process.
  • onitors system invisibly.
  • Cannot be seen or detected by any user.
  • Does not appear in the Program folder.
  • Does not appear in Installation path folder.
  • Not visible in Add/Remove Component or Startup Program.
  • Bypasses all major anti-virus software, anti-keylogger programs or anti-spyware tools.
  • Completely invisible tool to ensure you that your privacy is safe and logs are not accessible to anyone.

Password Protected and Authentic KeyLogger Application:

  • Software is fully password protected and completely undetectable to users.
  • Prevents unauthorized user access.
  • Does not allow unauthorized user to access and modify any Software configuration settings or rules.
  • Protects your sensitive data from any change.
  • Helps to protect corporate secrets information.

Application Areas:

  • Parental Monitoring: Lets parents monitor what their kids are doing on PC in their absence.
  • Shared PC Analysis: Allows you to analyze your Shared PC usage.
  • School Lab Monitoring: Helps teachers to know if students are doing chatting instead of doing school assignments.
  • Office Employees Monitoring: Supports Management to block unnecessary sites if employees are wasting their time on that instead of doing work they are paid for.
  • Friends Monitoring: Monitors your friends’ activities if they are stealing or modifying your confidential documents.
  • External Users Monitoring: Allows PC owner to identify and block dangerous activities performed by external users on system when he is while away.

Log File Maintenance:

  • Records all user activities details in an encrypted log file.
  • Maintains all log file information up to date.
  • Sends log of all recorded activities at specified PC owner mail id.
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